We Need Your Help To STOP “Drivers Using

Their Mobile Phones While Driving.”

And To Save Countless Lives On Our Roads.

We are not selling any software. Mobile phone manufacturers are the only ones who can develop and implement this software.



1. Change peoples attitudes toward this


major cause of vehicle fatalities.



2. Save over 100 people's lives on our


roads everyday, worldwide.



3. To change all car manufacturer’s


attitudes concerning this issue, which


includes Google, Apple and Microsoft.

4. Distribute a FREE life-saving app for


everyone, which will be available on all


mobile phone platforms.


5. Primary Goal: Get the law changed so this type of FREE life saving app is available by default on all mobile phones.







Mobile phones are great, but in
the wrong hands they can kill.

We want all car manufacturer to use this type of software on all of their mobile phones but we need your help to achieve this goal.

App allows all Passengers to be able to use their Mobile Phones at the same time.

App designed to STOP All Drivers from touching their Mobile Phones, once and for all!

App works when your in a Car, Lorry, Motor Bike, Tractor or on a Bicycle, Everything!

NO, Text's, Call's, Facebook, Ebay etc, NOTHING can be accessed when your driving.

Car charities have been calling for
a total ban on all smart car entertainment systems linked
to mobile phones.

They say using such devices is worse than drink driving.

This App will save governments
with less people going to
hospital and using less police,
ambulance and fire services.

Please Support this campaign - Thank You

1 in 4 car accidents are caused by
drivers using a mobile phone.

This does not include the effects it
has on their family and friends.

Millions of people are injured or
killed every year.

The main problem is that mobile phones are just too tempting for us all.

Worldwide at least 100 people die every day due to drivers using their mobile phones. Cell phone use causes 1 in 4 car accidents, and 2 in 4 (at least) are due to the driver being distracted in some other way. The actual figure is likely to be much higher than statistics indicate.


Drivers are being distracted when driving for several reasons. Smartphones have made this problem even worse; they offer additional features i.e. GPS, Diary, games, Facebook, text, messaging apps, and so on.


Car manufacturers are now increasingly adding smart devices linked to your smartphone to all of their new cars; this will only make our roads more dangerous unless we do something about it now.


Car charities have been calling for a total ban or increased penalties for all drivers caught, but the police can only stop a few and certainly not everyone. Sadly, we believe this is not the solution and will not solve the problem.


Roughly 36,000+ people die every year due to this singular issue. Since 1992, nearly one million people have died. This figure does not include the millions of people injured or seriously injured on our roads every year all over the world and certainly does not include the effect it has on family and friends.


In most countries it is against the law to use your mobile phone while driving. So one must ask, why haven’t governments put laws into effect?  By forcing cell phone manufacturer to add the software needed to solve this problem, once and for all. They did in the late 1970's with seat belts.


The technology to address this issue has been around for years, but mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Google and Microsoft have done nothing about it. In fact, they have made the situation worse by combining their smart mobiles with car entertainment systems. Hands-free devices (such as those which use voice recognition) are not the solution and do not stop the driver from being distracted in any way.

You cannot touch your
mobile phone at all, when your driving as the Driver Blocker App will block you.

Drive at 4 MPH then the Driver Blocker App is activated.

GPS will still work, but if
you touch your phone, the
Driver Blocker will activate.

Driver Blocker can detect
if a driver tries to get around the security system
and block's them.

Passengers can unlock their mobile phone quick and easily.

If you receive a call or text, you can not access it until you stop driving.

There are a few App's on the Android platform that try to solve this problem. Sadly a major issue with these types of the App's is that you need to turn the App on, to get them to work, every time you get into a vehicle. Most people would forget to do this over time.


Also, most people, in general, would not want to buy this type of App as it restricts their behavior.


Apple and Google are already using some of the technology needed to solve this problem in their CarPlay and Auto devices but for a different purpose. When you plug your phone into your car system, the phone itself is blocked and transferred to the motor vehicle display unit instead.


To prove this point we developed an App called Driver Blocker to see if it could be put it on the App Store for FREE.


The 'Driver Blocker' App does not need any additional sensors added to the car.

We spent a year developing this idea to make it as simple as possible.

Sadly we were unable to add this software to the App Store. This type of software must be implemented within the core of the phone’s operating system and cannot be developed or implemented by third party developers.


This mean's, for instance, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are the only ones capable of adding the type of software needed to solve this problem (such as the  'Driver Blocker' App we developed).


This kind of App needs to be 100% free and automatically uploaded to your phone via the OS update, as who would buy an App that stops you from using your phone, even though it could save your life?


The reason these companies are not interested is due to the fact they are making a lot of money from business deals with car manufacturers. If you consider that 60 million cars are produced every year, it's not surprising that these companies will not do anything about this issue unless they are forced by governments.

The simple solution is just to ban these devices outright in all cars with a built in signal jammer,
but of course, that is not fair to the passengers.

If you are a driver or a passenger, and you touch your mobile phone, the Driver Blocker App will check the GPS system.

This system is 100% effective at stopping
all drivers from breaking the law.

To achieve our goal, we need your help.

The more people we can make aware of this issue, the better chance we have in solving this problem once and for all.

For governments, this will have a significant impact on reducing the expenditure required for the hospital, ambulance, fire, and police services which effects
us all. At present, most of our services are at the breaking point financially.

So it's a win-win situation for everyone!
(except maybe for the car/mobile phone manufacturers)

If they are unwilling to do this, then it is the responsibility of governments to protect their citizens from such devices. We are close to over, one million people having died as a result of this issue, is that acceptable?


Our primary goal is to save as many people's lives as possible by stopping drivers from being able to use their mobile phone, which is also often linked to car entertainment systems. This campaign will save thousands of people's lives and stop millions of people from being injured every year.

We believe that all mobile phone manufacturers have an ethical duty to protect people who use their devices.

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